Tuesday, May 11, 2010

+ minty fresh

We took a long walk on Saturday to the end of Venice Beach, first swinging by to check out the Annenberg Community Beach House at the top of Santa Monica Beach. 5 hours later, I had a burnt red nose and crazily exhausted feet to show for it.

On the way, we came across this apartment block hued with a delightful minty green. I love the beach, mid-century modern American-ness of it all.

Then at Ocean Avenue, just before descending the steps down the bluff, we chanced upon Barbie looking kinda seedy, maybe sleeping off a big night out on the town?

The pool at the Beach House was my reason for the visit. What a shame it's not open year round (it's not even open every day of the week during the season either!) because it just looks so inviting.

A squadron of kites was impressively handled by one man.

I finally got to see Venice's Muscle Beach in action. Forget the muscles though, will you look at those short shorts!!

This photo cost me a dollar (generously paid by Benj)

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