Saturday, October 31, 2009

+ the Western Distributor

Even though the traffic is usually the worst around this area, the approach to the Harbour Bridge on the south side is still my favourite part of the daily commute. Glimpes of the harbour to the east, or the bays on the west, between the tall buildings make the jerky-moving drive just a little more tolerable. Nothing beats it on a nice sunny morning, but I don't mind a little cloud action now and then either.

And I still like going over the Coathanger (well, all bridges really) even if I do vow angrily every morning to write a letter to the RTA for their mismanagement of its traffic flow (just like Hans Brix in Team America).

From under the Harbour Bridge.

+ my second home

I really like the new 2SER space, which is just as well since I spend so many hours here after the show goes to air, painstakingly recreating it for the podcast (oh it's a long story). Of the three, the ground floor is where it feels the roomiest, with the new broadcast studios and the big open lobby area.

The windows of Studio 1.

Late night editing of a Tape Relay replay. This show featured Bibio as remixed by Bibio, new Kelpe, Apse, Hudson Mohawke, a Plaid rarity, Efterklang live with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and Glass Candy paying homage to the Geto Boys. Even by my count, it was a pretty rad show.

And you can even download the aforementioned replay here. The rest of them, and their respective playlists can be found on the official Tape Relay page here.

+ tasty shoes

gosh I love my new play things. They arrived during the week - a pair of Miu Miu suede sandals that I scored on eBay - and this was pretty much the first chance I got to try them on. They're rather ridiculously high but the chunky heel makes it a lot more wearable pretty.

I debuted them over at Em's house for a super tasty midweek feast of vegan Spanish food that I could not stop eating (I had thirds, yes.) She made a wonderful paella, fennel and orange salad and a chickpea and spinach dish for which Em was kind enough to put the recipe on her blog. yum!

Monday, October 26, 2009

+ spring rain

It seems like we've had more rain this spring so far than we did all winter. I slept rather poorly last night because the wind was howling and the rain was falling so loudly on the corrugated iron balcony roof.

It was pretty dreary on the southern approach to the Harbour Bridge.

But though the sleep was poor, the waking up was kinda gleeful actually. Because only yesterday had I remembered the Hello Kitty gumboots that I bought for dirty cheap way back at the start of the year and up until then, had tucked out of sight, out of mind. So I was delighted to be able to pull them on and do a little dance in front of the camera (new quadcam lomo-alike app on the phone!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

+ Black Star Pastry

In the last couple weeks, motivated by not having a working shower in my house, Ems and I have taken to early morning gym dates before we go to work. By the time I'm done and back at the car, Black Star Pastry is open and ready for business. I can't go in every day because I'd be too tempted by the ridiculously good lookin' sweets on offer (thereby negating any good work done on the cardio machines), but it's great for an end-of-week coffee treat. The flat whites are pretty good, though I do have to say the service can sometimes range from averagely-indifferent to attitudally-bad.

Their custard tarts look twice as big as anything I've ever seen, and those Turkish fig, quince and orange cakes looks heavenly, even if the flavours aren't my thing.

This is the one I really want to try though. Strawberry, watermelon (layered in the middle by cream?) and rose... drools!

My first visit in to Black Star was marked by a slice of this most incredible spinach, mushroom and pinenut pithivier (puff pastry pie). The spinach was so buttery and salty good and the mushrooms earthy.

And how about the bread and butter puddings?

Black Star Pastry, 277 Australia St Newtown NSW 2042. Open Tue-Sun 7am-5pm

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

+ welcome Benj

This picture comes from Benj (with a little "collaborative tweaking" from me), who will be my guest contributor and co-conspirator. Also, it is he who came up with this blog's neat little name and is also at present, the only one that actually lives 12 blocks from the beach.

The summer warmth has just about gone from the Southern Californian spread... I mean it's even rained in the last week! But the sun did smile for some Albuquerquean visitors of Benj's who were treated to a visit to Huntington Beach.

Do you like how warm and inviting my fauxlaroid looks? Not to take anything away from Benj's lovely original shot but I did that just to drive the point home, because aside from when I visited Santa Monica for the first time aged 9, and rather gingerly dipped my toes in, I have never swum in the North American Pacific Ocean because it is seems so freaking COLD. Always blowy, glassy-looking and not at all inviting, it'll be a long time yet before I get to have a true summer swim in SoCal. In the meantime, enjoy this scene of young Cole braving the icy waters.

Monday, October 12, 2009

+ go Angels!

In honour of the LA Angels making the final round of the ALCS playoffs and starting their best-of-7 with the Yankees this Friday for a spot in the World Series, let us all celebrate victoriously for the mighty reds.

You better believe in the power of the rally monkey!