Saturday, October 31, 2009

+ my second home

I really like the new 2SER space, which is just as well since I spend so many hours here after the show goes to air, painstakingly recreating it for the podcast (oh it's a long story). Of the three, the ground floor is where it feels the roomiest, with the new broadcast studios and the big open lobby area.

The windows of Studio 1.

Late night editing of a Tape Relay replay. This show featured Bibio as remixed by Bibio, new Kelpe, Apse, Hudson Mohawke, a Plaid rarity, Efterklang live with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and Glass Candy paying homage to the Geto Boys. Even by my count, it was a pretty rad show.

And you can even download the aforementioned replay here. The rest of them, and their respective playlists can be found on the official Tape Relay page here.

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