Tuesday, October 20, 2009

+ welcome Benj

This picture comes from Benj (with a little "collaborative tweaking" from me), who will be my guest contributor and co-conspirator. Also, it is he who came up with this blog's neat little name and is also at present, the only one that actually lives 12 blocks from the beach.

The summer warmth has just about gone from the Southern Californian spread... I mean it's even rained in the last week! But the sun did smile for some Albuquerquean visitors of Benj's who were treated to a visit to Huntington Beach.

Do you like how warm and inviting my fauxlaroid looks? Not to take anything away from Benj's lovely original shot but I did that just to drive the point home, because aside from when I visited Santa Monica for the first time aged 9, and rather gingerly dipped my toes in, I have never swum in the North American Pacific Ocean because it is seems so freaking COLD. Always blowy, glassy-looking and not at all inviting, it'll be a long time yet before I get to have a true summer swim in SoCal. In the meantime, enjoy this scene of young Cole braving the icy waters.

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