Sunday, November 15, 2009

+ Newtown Festival

I always have high hopes for the Newtown Festival year, call it selective memory perhaps, but once I arrive, I'm instantly reminded of many things I hate, all at the one time. Obnoxious hipsters, hippies, bogans, mogans and what have you, all crammed into a forced enclosure, listening to terribad funk-ska-metal-grooves and the stench of human bodies, some not yet familiar with Rexona, Lynx and other fine products.

You can always count on an inner city hippy to dance barefoot on wet grass in the rain, out of time, to above-mentioned terribad music.

Still, I showed my face as I usually do in support of 2SER and the stall we have every year. And I admit, I do enjoy certain festival foods like the gummy lollies, the infamous Turkish gozleme (why are they never sold outside of a festival?) and my choice this year, seafood paella.

It was pretty tasty, the saltiness lending itself as a perfect excuse to have some home made lemonade. I was fascinated by the paella stall with its 4 large pans on the go, all at varying cooking stages. Can't deny how it made me smack my lips in anticipation.

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