Monday, November 23, 2009

+ Wellington - part 2

It is rare for me to see sunrise over water so I jumped out of bed to take a photo. Then I jumped back in and slept for another 2 hours. The best kind of snoozing.

Producer conferences aren't normally noteworthy, and especially not photogenic but one of the guests this year was Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men who opened and closed the conference with 2 excellent sessions (though I can't say the same for the chair of either session... many dumb questions were asked, and too much butting-in) and by the time I finally got to say hi to him as we were boarding the flight back to Sydney, I was pretty much the dude's biggest fan. He is very much a top bloke, super nice and perfectly amiable.

That night, we attended the Big Dinner where awards for producers of the year and self-congratulatory pats on backs are given. It was held this time in the Beehive, one of the buildings on parliamentary grounds. I took this from a moving bus, which ferried delegates over. It's probably better looking than the photo would suggest.

Inside though, the hall where we had pre-dinner drinks was quite stately. My colleague Kate and I were positioned well for first serves of the finger food.

The night was okay, perhaps not nearly as memorable as previous SPADA dinners but still pleasantly enjoyable.

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