Saturday, February 13, 2010

+ food and rain, food and rain

Soundtrack: Balmorhea "The Winter"

It's raining a tonne this weekend. I'm not sure that's a good thing - being housebound while we prepare for our Chinese New Year's Eve dinner is making me very snackish. An early rise this morning to get the pre-ordered roast duck, soy chicken and roast pork was a bit like torture on the pre-breakfast drive home.

The rain-food combo makes me think of my birthday last year. It was the one day LA decided to rain while I was there, and it was glum but kinda beautiful at the same time. We didn't leave the house all day, only ducking out for cheap and tasty burritos at Tacos Por Favor and babycakes.

I got the sauteed mushroom burrito. Immense. The pickled carrots and peppers were also super tasty. As you can see I even went back for more carrots.

I ate it like the Australian sissy that I am, with knives and all.

And being my birthday, Benj wanted me to get my beloved cupcakes. Testament to its slightly bourgey character, Santa Monica has quite a number of cupcake vendors in close proximity to each other. We chose the pink frou frou-ness of Vanilla Bake Shop for my entry into babycake society there.

I was not disappointed. The texture of the vanilla cakes was particularly good - incredible crumbliness and heavily buttered.

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