Saturday, February 6, 2010

+ Malibu

According to the roadsign, on the PCH somewhere near the northern end of Santa Monica, Malibu is only a 6 mile drive away.

It felt a little further than that (though what I would know? I have no point of reference for a drive by any kind of miles) but it was still a whole lot closer than the hour long drives it takes to get from my mum and dad's to Gordon's Bay. It's close enough, is all I'm saying.

Which is a good thing, because I want to try and eat at as many different 'bu establishments along Highway 1 as I can. Places like the iconic Geoffrey's, the Malibu Beach Inn (first spied in the final episode of Entourage season 6!) and Moonshadows Blue Lounge, which first came to my attention by way of Benj.

On this day though we chose the pier as our setting.

It was quite perfect really, a super starving belly met with an almost empty restaurant (though the service was still pretty terribad) and a slowly fading sun closing in on the horizon-ocean backdrop.

Our meal was supplemented by a glamour photo shoot on the beach right below us. It took a while to discern that the possible husband-and-wife couple featured a heavily pregnant lady, dressed in various suggestive outfits, who may or may not have been in the performing arts, being directed by the photographer lady into all manner of seductive poses. It was very LA.

A solid meal later, we drove home with a spectacular orange sky following us all the way down.

Soundtrack: Real Estate "Atlantic City" (wrong coast, I know!)

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