Monday, March 29, 2010

+ the city of lost angles

I had an internship interview on Friday downtown and being a little nervous about getting down there by bus, I took a reconnaissance trip the day before to familiarise myself with the layout. I'm really glad I did - it was a good opportunity to get a feel for the area, and to earmark places to return to the next day.

Downtown LA does not enjoy a particularly good reputation as being a must-visit area, but many of the older buildings were surprisingly lovely (set between smells of hobo urine...) The building where I interviewed was itself an old bank converted into office studios upstairs and a swanky bar downstairs in the former vaults.

Th block before on Spring St featured this street art.

Walking up on 5th St towards Bunker Hill.

The next day, after the interview, I walked back up towards the Hill, to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). I was stymied by said Hill, until I noticed a little trolley gently gliding up and down. Score!

For just 25 cents, it takes you up gracefully without need for exertion or sweat.

On my way to MOCA, I was blinded by the silver brilliance of Walt Disney Concert Hall. Its steely layers beckoned.

At the Museum, I found this James Rosenquist piece highly alluring. I think it's called Waves.

As was this neon configuration, by I forget whom.

DTLA - it's what you make of it.

More photos in this flickr set.

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  1. Great images Leigh. I'm really interested in this area and its regeneration. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more.